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Limbus Rules. Empty Limbus Rules.

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Week A:
Monday: Sky
Tuesday: Sea
Wednesday: Limbus
Thursday: Sky
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Limbus

Week B:
Monday: Sea
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: Limbus
Thursday: Sky
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Limbus

Any decisions taken during events are made has the discretion of the leaders, we make them by having in mind objectives, needs, but also according to the persons present as well as of them jobs.
If you don't aggree with them, free to you to not be, we had tolerate it since now, but now if you want to say it, don't do it in public chat (/l, /p, /s), tell a leader. All things say about that in ls chat, will be ignorate and we can take sanctions about you.

We are not a "democracy", our events is governed by various rules, and are under supervisions of certain persons. We want to know your opinions, if and only if these are politely passed on to us, you can tell us or post on the forum (the forum is privileged for that). These propositions are studied for the greater part, and some people can see it used, but never you will see them modified during our run.

People who don't agree with our rules, are free to go. If you stay in our ls, you agree with them.

Limbus Rules. Limbus-1

Hours & Days of our run:
Our limbus run are schedule like that, Wednesday at 20h (french hour), 6pm GMT (summer hour), 7pm GMT (winter hour) for the gather, we will go at 20h30, 6:30pm, 7:30pm.
For Sunday, it's 16h30 (french hour), 2:30pm GMT (summer hour), 3:30pm GMT (winter hour) for the gather, we will go at 17h00, 3:00pm (summer hour), 4:00pm (winter hour).

We use the standard GMT time (the UTC one), so don't forget it.

We apply the same sanctions of sky, so please check them in the sky rules.

Points System:
Run: -Normal- 1 points by run.
-Omega & Ultima- 3 points by run if you don't lot an omega or ultima part, you'll get 1 points if you lot a part.

Omega & Ultima: 6 points by part, it's like 5 points for the item and you don't get the point for the run. You can only have 1 part by run.

For the person, non present physically, they will be unable to lot any limbus item (like coins, af 1, omega's & ultima's) and we'll don't give any points.

Sorry we forgot to add this rules before, and we apologise for the inconvenience.

-Lot 2-
This rules is for lot priority, you need to have the most points, but you have also to participate in a minimum of 2 runs for the used set.

If you don't have this, we can refuse to let you lot.

Af 1: We use a bid system.
-The af 1 item are generaly free.
-If someone want it absolutely, he can use 1 points to lot it.
-If some people want it absolutely, they can raise the amount of point for lot it. (example, A want to use 1 points to lot it, B want to use 2 points to it, B can lot it and lost 2 points).

All the coins will be lot by a leader and split after the run.
All the extra coins will be hold in the bank.

Bank 1: You can exchange your points to get some coins.
The currently limit are 15 points by month, with a cost of 1 points for 3 coins.

Bank 2: We'll conserve 60 points for the "Bank 1" rule, if we got more than that, we'll use them to have more coins during our run (exemple: if we got 18 coins and we are 10, we'll take 2 coins in bank to have 20 coins).
Rule apply on the 04/23/08.

If we have more than 18 people to do the run, we will split in 2 alliance to do 2 different zones.
We will gather all the coins and split it after the run.

-Important: For the split, lead will take the decision to split or not, depending on how many we are, and wich person are here. If we decide to not split, please don't tell us to do it!-

We'll choose zone for split our alliance, we do it in function of our schedule, objectives, and people/jobs. So don't say anything about that, if you do it, you'll get sanctionned.

-For Ultima & Omega:-
If we are more than 18 people, we don't following the previous rules.
Only for this runs, if people are not needed then can skip the events and get the 3 points. For that you have to trade 30 000 gils (limbus price) to one leader, with them we will buy coins and give them to the bank.

We made a schedule for limbus, please notice change can be made at any time.

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