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Sky Rules. Empty Sky Rules.

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Week A:
Monday: Sky
Tuesday: Sea
Wednesday: Limbus
Thursday: Sky
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Limbus

Week B:
Monday: Sea
Tuesday: Nothing
Wednesday: Limbus
Thursday: Sky
Friday: Nothing
Saturday: Nothing
Sunday: Limbus

Any decisions taken during events are made has the discretion of the leaders, we make them by having in mind objectives, needs, but also according to the persons present as well as of them jobs.
If you don't aggree with them, free to you to not be, we had tolerate it since now, but now if you want to say it, don't do it in public chat (/l, /p, /s), tell a leader. All things say about that in ls chat, will be ignorate and we can take sanctions about you.

We are not a "democracy", our events is governed by various rules, and are under supervisions of certain persons. We want to know your opinions, if and only if these are politely passed on to us, you can tell us or post on the forum (the forum is privileged for that). These propositions are studied for the greater part, and some people can see it used, but never you will see them modified during our run.

People who don't agree with our rules, are free to go. If you stay in our ls, you agree with them.

Sky Rules. Sky-1

Hours & Days of our runs:
Our runs are scheduled every mondays (alternate with Sea, 1/2 monday) & thursdays.
-Note: We are using the normal GMT, not the english one (GMT 1).
For the hours, we got the same for monday and thursday, it's 20h (in france), 6pm GMT (summer hour); 7pm GMT (winter hour) (Gather 15min before the run start).

We can stop the run before the hour, if we do it you'll earn the points like if we normaly stop.

Obligations and Penalties:
We have only one real obligation in sky, you need to have a stack of silent oils every time you come, if you forgot them, please say it in the linkshell chat.

You are exposed in following penalties:
Forgot oils > 1 global warning in the beginning of the run; -2 points.
If you don't follow our orders > 1 warning, after it's -5 points.
Problem in ls chat > 2 warning, after it's -4 points.
Afk without saying it (one leader will verify it) > 1st time (-1 point), 2nd time (-2 points), 3rd time and plus (-5 points).
Insult (if you do it in public chat) > no warning, -5 points, do it 3 times and you will be kick for 2 weeks. Do it again after and you will be removed.

All false accusations will be punished by a -5 points.

We haven't really apply this sanctions for now, but since some don't listen, and do bad things during our run, we have to use it. So till now (04/15/08) we'll apply it.

Points System:
Run: 1points/hour with a maximum of 4 points per run.
The count use the following system:
#If you come in the first half hour, you get the point for this hour.
#If you come in the second half hour, you get the point for the next hour.
#If you leave in the first half hour, we stop the count for this hour.
#If you leave in the second half hour, we stop the count for the next hour.

Example: If you come at 6pm and leave at 8pm, you will get 2 points.
If you leave at 8:45pm, you will get 3 points.

We use the following system:
-Byakko's Haidate/Kirin Osode > 50 points
-Neptunal Abjuration Body/Dryadics Abjuration Body/Wyrmal Ajburation Legs/Aquarian Abjuration hands > 40 points
-Dryadics Abjuration Head/Seiryu's Kote > 30 points
-Neptunal Abjuration Hands/Neptunal Abjuration Feet/Dryadics Abjuration Legs/Aquarian Abjuration Legs > 20 points
-Aquarian Abjuration Head/Martial Abjuration Head/Martial Abjuration Hands/Earthern Abjuration Head/Earthern Abjuration Feet/Wyrmal Abjuration Feet/Genbu's Shield/Genbu's Kabuto/Kirin's Pole/Suzaku's Sune-Ate > 10 points
-Dryadic Abjuration Hands/Suzaku's Scythe/Seiryu's Sword/Byakko's Axe > 5 points

Autosort: We will use the following system:
-We will do 2 warnings in the ls chat to say to pass the items, if you don't pass and get the item in autosort, we will decrease your points like that:
-If you have a job can wear it at lvl 70 > no points will be decrease.
-If you have a job can wear it at lvl 65-69 > 2 points will be decrease.
-If you aren't in the 2 previous conditions > 5 points will be decrease.

If you get an item, a lead can tell you to show us the right job. If you don't have the job at the right lvl, your point will be decrease with the right rule.

-We aren't giving any points for the Stone/Gem/Seal give to the ls, if you do it, it's up to you, we'll only say thanks.-

-If we know why you don't come at our run, with a good reasons, we'll don't erase your points. In the case we don't know why, we can erase them without warning.-

To lot an item, you need to have this conditions all green:
-Item in the wishlit (Very important).
-A job can wear the item lvl 70 .
-Have more points than your pursuivants.
-A leader say to you to lot.
-Don't have -15 points.

-If no one want this item, we will demand in the ls if someone is interest on lotting it, we will do 3 warnings, if we got no responses, the item will pass on autosort-

-If no one want an item, and if all pass, the item will be lost, we'll don't do anything to counter that. We think if you want an item you'll lot it, or try autosort, if no one want to do this 2 things, an items lost is nothing.-

-About the Kirin's Osode, after all in the wishlist have it, a leader will lot them and sell them. Then put the money in bank.-

-Again for the Kirin's Osode, to don't see them sell faster after someone get it, we add following rules:
-During 6 month, the Osode will be not totally yours, we'll check when we want if you have it.
-If you don't have it, you'll be exposed to the next penalies, you'll lose the Osode's Points. You will not able to lot and receive salaries for 1 month.
-If you sell it right after you get it, you'll be banned to the ls for all events (sky, sea, limbus).
If you see someone doing that, please contact a leader, he'll verify it.-

-You can put your name in some item in the wishlist again (except for the Kirin's Osode). Even if you're more points, you'll not be prioritary, you can lot if:
1. No one are on whishlist except you.
2. Some people are on wishlist but they're not present or pass the item.

If you are in one of this two possibility you can lot.-

-This rules apply if you're not present, but someone is playing your character. You can lot only if:
-No one has the item in whislist.
-No one want to try autosort.-

The weapons drop by the other NM are free lot.
The items drop during the run are autosorted.

For the synthesys item, we have a bank and salaries system.
One leader (generaly Cdryik) will gather all the items, and sell them (I will use my mule named Cerefine to do that).
The money will be gather and split every month.
We use the following formula:
*Money given = (Total of the money / Total points of the month) x your points for the month.
Example: If we get 2M for the month, and the total of point is 720, and with the example of one people here for all the run (4points/run).
He will get:
x = (2000000/720)x24
x= 66700 gils

To get money you need to have a minimum of 10 points for the month.
I do the bank in a excel fichier, if you want a copy please mp me here or tell me IG.

With the goal to do all the gods and kirin, we need to have some job.
During the run, it's possible we say to some people to switch job, please do it if you can.
To try to not bother you during the run, tell a leader before the run start, don't do it 45min before the gather. Try to do it, 5 min before, or at the gather time.

If a person have a full Kirin, Gods pop set, we can do it for them only if they are in the following conditions:
-Want only one items, all other items will goes to the ls.
-No one are on the wishlist for the items the person wants.
For the abjurations/item no one wants, we can sell them to other people, we don't have set price for the moment. If you know someone wants to do that, tell them we can.

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